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That Keeps Giving

Education is an amazing gift that keeps giving by transforming lives forever. Teach. Train. Coach or mentor using our modern and inclusive education platform being built by volunteers and free for everyone to use. Help one or millions to unleash everyone's true potential.
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Online Learning

The Platform

We are building Teaching For Good as a platform to bring together individuals like you and me, communities and organizations alike to teach, train or mentor anybody anywhere in the world, and raise funds for a cause or charity of choice.

On-Demand Courses
Teach on-demand courses

Create and host unlimited self-service, on-demand, online courses that can be accessed by anybody, from anywhere and anytime.

Virtual Classrooms
Teach on-demand courses

Run interactive and engaging full duplex video based virtual classrooms, bringing the best of both worlds. Supports up to 200 participants.

Teach on-demand courses

Expert presentations, lectures and panel discussions, with up to 500 interactive participants and stream live to reach the world.

Teach on-demand courses

Mentor or coach 1:1 or a small group, to assess and unleash true potential with practical and proven OKR (Objectives and Key Results) based approach.

Online Learning

Make the world

3X better.

With Teaching For Good as an open, inclusive and free education platform your efforts and support could be easily multiplied to make a much bigger impact. We say, at least 3X more.

  1. Share what you know and mentor someone, to jump start a career or to build a career.
  2. “While we teach, we learn”, said a Roman Philosopher, Seneca. By teaching others, we learn better too.
  3. Raise funds for a cause or charity of your choice and help that charity make a difference.
See, with a single act together, we can make this world (at least) 3X better! Ready to begin the journey today and make it count?
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Now Available

Hands-On Data Science (2019)May 18, 2019
Hands-On Data Science (2019)

Learn fundamentals of key machine learning algorithms by actually working on hands-on exercises that illustrate core concepts.

Full Stack Development (2020)Nov 7, 2020
Full Stack Development (2020)

Learn how to build and deploy distributed and internet scale full stack applications with Angular, NodeJS and MySQL, in this 6 week virtual weekend program.

Find something you loveToday is the best day to start learning

Community at Teaching For Good loves to share and raise funds for a cause they love. There is inspiration everywhere. Find something you love to learn.

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